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2015 vintage report for Tasmania

According to Rafe Nottage, from Tasmania’s Bream Creek Vineyard, the vintage 2015 on 20 March when Chardonnay was picked from Block D for their Cuvee sparkling.
“Our cool site not only produces fabulous grape flavours but also allows the retention of natural acid which is vital for the production of premium sparkling wine,” Nottage said. While crop yields were predicted to remain modest, Nottage said the winery was very excited by the quality of the crop, especially Pinot Noir.
Stuart Bryce, Providence vineyard owner, said it was not a memorable vintage in terms of yield.
“The season went pear-shaped during the first week of December 2014 when two attempts to spray for powdery mildew resulted in the spray being washed off by rain before it had a chance to set,” Bryce said. “The third attempt was made during heavy winds, and I suspect that a vineyard some 200 kilometres south was successfully covered.”
Although he spent the next two months applying eradicants, Bryce said it had little effect.
“The net result was that Providence lost all the Pinot Noir crop and nearly all the Chardonnay. Riesling, which was later in development avoided the debacle and returned a good crop in terms of both yield and quality.”
On Saturday 11 April, ably assisted in the vineyard by staff, students and parents from the Launceston Grammar Music School (for, I think, the 14th time) Bryce picked the remnants. “Thanks goes to the Music School, captained by the head of Music, Sherryn Hepher, as well as our older hands, Victor and Les and inside with the catering, Kay and Elizabeth.”