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2015 vintage report for Riverina (New South Wales)

The Riverina region experienced a relatively mild growing season, with only one period of higher temperatures but no heatwave activity to cause any concern with ripening, according to Kristy Bartrop, Riverina Wine Grapes Marketing Board industry development officer.
Fruit matured slowly which resulted in particularly good flavour development.
Bartrop said the season had minimal damage or loss as a result of natural disaster or disease pressures which they had experienced every year for the past few years.
“Some operators were unlucky to be hit by a hail storm that managed to damage a small part of our region, while others contended with botrytis risks with an unusually humid January,” Bartrop said. “This year looks to be a bumper crop eclipsing the record set in 2009 of 307,000T.”
Bartrop said the vintage could get as high as 320,000T, even though 2014 saw over 1000Ha of vineyard removed from the region.
“Many of the vineyards that suffered from frost in 2014 produced heavy crops which contributed to our ample crop,” she said. “While other commodities would be rejoicing this achievement, the wine industry will not.
“As all in the industry are aware, the low returns for vineyard operators continues to be a concern with many vineyard operators contemplating alternatives for their farming future.”