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2015 vintage report for Mudgee (New South Wales)

Mudgee experienced a text-book vintage, according to David Lowe, winemaker, viticulturist and owner of Lowe Wines.
“A great vintage is where the season and environment are so predictable that a winemaker can call the shots with complete confidence,” Lowe said. “2015 in Mudgee is one of those years.”
With both white and red grapes maturing evenly, albeit slightly earlier than normal, Lowe said there was a relaxed feel to the harvest.
“The weather held out and the succession of maturities for each variety was ‘text book’, so logistically there was no need to rush,” he said.
Jacob Stein, Viticulturist and winemaker for Robert Stein Winery, said Mudgee had one of the best growing season conditions in recent memory, with average rainfall and slightly above average temperatures contributing to excellent quality fruit.
Stein said the harvest started two to three weeks earlier than normal, with aromatic white varietals being harvested in the end of January.
“There was very minimal rainfall during the harvest allowed ideal conditions and fruit was picked at ideal ripeness and great flavour,” Stein said. “It is very hard to pick a star variety, with all varieties performing very well, however Riesling, Italian and Spanish varietals, as well as Shiraz are exceptional.”
Stein said Cabernet Sauvignon was the only variety to possibly suffer from the drier and warmer conditions.
“This is a benchmark vintage we will be talking about in the future,” he said.