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2015 vintage report for Cowra (New South Wales)

The 2015 vintage has been particularly promising in the Cowra region according to Jason O’Dea, Windowrie general manager and viticulturist.
Yields were somewhat lower than average due to the frost in 2014, however the quality of the fruit was some of the best the region has seen in the past 10 years.
“The growing season was optimal with short burst of rain during the early spring months and exceptionally warm days during the latter part of the season with cool crisp evenings, great for the flavour development on the vine,” O’Dea said.
Vintage started reasonably early in Cowra, harvesting sparkling base on Australia Day.
“It was as we were able to take time to asses and discuss the flavours as they were developing in the vineyard, without the pressure or stress of inclement weather,” O’Dea said. “It was all about preserving the flavours from the vineyard, complementing them with various winemaking techniques, and creating a sense of place from the vineyard and the region.”
Windowrie increased its organic production this year which O’Dea described as “very exciting”. “Many of the vineyards that have been in conversion are this year certified and again, it was a great season for growing organic fruit,” he said “This year we harvested the first of our organic Sauvignon Blanc which was incredibly fragrant with tropical notes and beautiful acidity due to the cooler, crisp evenings.”
Overall, O’Dea said the harvest period was rewarding and fast.
“It’s not often we finish vintage before the Easter weekend so it was really enjoyable to gather with family and friends, relax and thank “Baccus” for a great 2015 Vintage.”