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2014 vintage report for Margaret River (Western Australia)

The 2014 vintage in Margaret River was built on a sound foundation with excellent rainfall recorded throughout 2013, providing more than 1000 millilitres across the region.
This provided a solid platform of sub-soil moisture before almost completely stopping from December through to March.
With ideal diurnal weather conditions coupled with a constant breeze, there was no disease pressure according to Margaret River Wine Association chief executive officer Nick Power.
He said the region didn’t have a huge amount of Marri blossom which was still flowering into autumn, therefore minimal bird damage was apparent.
“Exceptional fruit has been grown, showing very intense varietal flavours,” he said.
“The aromatic varieties of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon are typified by crisp acidity on the palate with fresh lemon and lime and citrus blossom extending to stone fruit characters on the nose.
“Chardonnay also has a superb line of natural acidity balanced with soft and fine phenolics with a flavour profile ranging from citrus and nectarine to summer peach.”
Some early ripening red wine varieties were harvested before March from the northern and central areas of the region.
These displayed fruit flavours of bright red and purple with great freshness, ripeness and vibrancy.
With the autumn season well entrenched, mild conditions prevailed during the day and cool, chilled night time temperatures were also recorded.
This was perfect for the region’s Cabernet Sauvignon, enabling full physiological development, especially in concentrating its flavour spectrum and softening tannin levels naturally.