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2013 vintage report for Tasmania

The Tasmanian vintage started in late February and, by mid-April, was yet to finish, with both whites and reds still on the vine.
Wine Tasmania industry development officer David Sanderson said yields had been average to heavy, with more and larger bunches than the previous season.
“This does not imply overcropping, as Tasmanian yields are historically quite low for many producers,” Sanderson said.
“Some growers are reporting 20-30% increases in yield on the previous year, whilst others are achieving yield targets with judicious bunch thinning.”
Prices are similar to the previous season and quality is reported to be very good, with even ripening in all varieties.
“The weather has generally been very good – warm and sunny, with occasional rain events. A large rain event in late March only seemed to help freshen up the midrows,” Sanderson said.
“The warm dry days and cool, crisp nights are perfect for producing top-notch Tasmanian fruit. The weather outlook for Tasmania for the rest of autumn is drier than average with mild to warm days and cool nights, ideal for ripening the remainder of the grapes.”
Daniel McMahon of Moorilla Wines said fruit quality was great.
“We achieved equal pricing for fruit sold but the high yields statewide have seen a decrease in price across the state. Quality is excellent, with good fruit flavour and excellent tannin profiles all achieved at lower Baume ripeness than usual,” he said.