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2006 vintage report for Currency Creek (South Australia)

August 2005 in the Currency Creek region was relatively typical for a winter month in regard to rainfall, temperature and bud movement. September saw wet and in some cases severe conditions causing some early damage to leaves and shoots. October was one of the wettest on record and placed pressure on potential disease out-breaks. Sub soil moistures were high.
Moist conditions prevailed in November and December resulting in large canopies that required trimming to regulate canopy configuration. In some cases shoot thinning was undertaken to improve light penetration and remove short green shoots. The cool moist weather resulted in a higher than normal disease pressure which required an even more diligent approach than normal to fungicide spraying.
Moisture levels remained satisfactory especially after the New YearÂ’s Day rain band until hot conditions arrived in January. The hot conditions caused some fruit and leaf burn which was unavoidable due to such intense and prolonged heat.
A cooler February generally resulted in slower than average but very even ripening conditions.
Seed ripeness was earlier than last season resulting is more mature tannin flavours. Any Botrytis problems caused by the rain eased due to the dryer conditions that followed, which led to the shrivelling of any affected berries.
Conditions were favourable for late season powdery which will require a diligent approach to disease control at budburst.
White yields were a little above average across the board apart from Sauvignon Blanc which was up strongly. In the reds, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon were up a little while Shiraz was below average in yield.