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2011 vintage report for Swan Valley (Western Australia)

Supplied by Julie Church, Swan Valley and Regional Winemakers’ Association Growing season: The weather leading up to vintage was dry, but as most vineyards have access to underground water sources, growers were able to substitute the lack of rainfall with irrigation. The ripening and vintage season was warm and dry with no significant rainfall. Vintage: […]

2011 vintage report for Strathbogie Ranges (Victoria)

Supplied by Sam Plunkett, chief winemaker, Plunkett Fowles Growing season: We were delighted to see dams fill over winter. Spring rainfall was well above average with the October, November and December falls all around double the long-term average. The growing season stayed wet with January the wettest on record (records started in Avenel in 1900) […]

2011 vintage report for Pyrenees (Victoria)

Supplied by Pyrenees Grapegrowers’ and Winemakers’ Association Growing season: The 2010-11 season was one of, if not the, wettest season for many years. The district received good rains over a mild winter which provided excellent conditions leading into budburst. A late start to the season (generally two to three weeks late at every stage) and […]

2011 vintage report for Peel (Western Australia)

Supplied by Bernie Worthington, president, Peel Wine Association Growing season: The Peel region, as with most of south west Western Australia, experienced the hottest summer on record with the lowest summer rainfall recorded. This followed one of the driest winters ever recorded. This resulted in a shortened vintage with little or no disease impact. Budburst […]

2011 vintage report for Murray Valley (Victoria)

Supplied by Mark McKenzie, chief executive, Murray Valley Winegrowers Growing season: Vintage 2011 proved the most difficult vintage in the Murray Valley in living memory – even more difficult than the memorably wet 1973-74 vintage season. The 2011 vintage was characterised by cool conditions, heavy rainfall, and rampant fungal disease infections that saw losses of […]

2011 vintage report for Mount Barker (Western Australia)

Supplied by Kim Tyrer, operations manager/owner, Galafrey Wines; president, Mount Barker Wine Producers’ Association Inc. Growing season: It’s been such a weird year with all the disasters in the eastern states. All the state’s vineyard stocks of sulfur, copper and fungicides were shipped east, so in the west we were left short. With January characterised […]

2011 vintage report for Henty (Victoria)

Supplied by Peter Dixon, secretary, Henty Wine Region Association Growing season: Growers reported a challenging season with late flowering, high summer rainfall and cooler summer and autumn conditions. Bigger canopies and wetter conditions resulted in higher disease pressure with growers undertaking summer trimming, bunch thinning and leaf plucking to keep canopies open. Combined with comprehensive […]

2011 vintage report for Margaret River (Western Australia)

Supplied by Nick Power, chief executive, Margaret River Wine Industry Associatio. Growing season: The 2011 vintage weather period was initially cool and dry through late winter and early spring, progressing to a warm and dry summer pattern with rainfall recorded mid-November and minor rain events in early December. Overall, this vintage was warmer and drier […]

2011 vintage report for Grampians (Victoria)

Supplied by Damien Sheehan, Kym Ludvigsen and Andrea Hart, Grampians Winemakers Growing season: The growing season was a challenging one with consistent rainfall and humidity from budburst onwards, with a peak rainfall event of approximately 200mm over three days in mid January. Coupled with mild temperatures and calm, cloudy days, vineyards battled powdery and downy […]

2011 vintage report for Geographe (Western Australia)

Supplied by Jim Campbell-Clause, AHA Viticulture Growing season: The season began with a dry winter, with rainfall 40% down on average resulting in 90% less runoff and many water storage dams at less than full capacity. This was followed by a dry spring with warm maximums and minimums, culminating in early budburst. The resultant early […]

2011 vintage report for Blackwood Valley (Western Australia)

Supplied by Craig Nield, president, Blackwood Valley Wine Industry Association Growing season: This season saw the combination of a dry season with one of the lowest winter rainfalls on record. Soil moisture levels were low throughout the season and a warm-to-hot summer resulted in most growth stages being earlier than average. Rainfall events close to […]

2011 vintage report for Tasmania

Supplied by Sheralee Davies, chief executive, Wine Tasmania Growing season: Mild weather and frequent rainfall encouraged vegetative growth and full bunches, but also brought disease pressure that threatened to bring the vintage undone. The strong vegetative growth meant increased shoot thinning and leaf plucking was needed to keep canopies open. As veraison was delayed and ripening […]

2011 vintage report for Scenic Rim (Queensland)

Supplied by John Mullins Growing season: Frequent and excessive rain, in particular during December and January, resulted in significant disease pressure in many vineyards in the region. Some monthly falls were up to three times the mean. Many crops were lost in December and January, predominantly to downy mildew due to an inability to get […]

2011 vintage report for Granite Belt (Queensland)

Supplied by Jim Barnes, Granite Belt Wine & Tourism Inc. Growing season: The growing season in the Granite Belt was characterised by persistent rainfall, lower-than-normal temperatures, some difficulty with flowering/fruitset in some white varieties, a high incidence of powdery and downy mildew in some vineyards and an inability to access vineyards to apply sprays at […]

2011 vintage report for Riverina (New South Wales)

Supplied by Kristy Bartrop, industry development officer, Riverina Wine Grapes Marketing Board Growing season: Riverina grapegrowers experienced an abundance of rainfall and moderate temperatures in the 2011 season. The wet weather and high humidity was experienced over the entire region from October to February, bringing risks of downy mildew, powdery mildew, lightbrown apple moth and […]

2011 vintage report for Pericoota (New South Wales)

Supplied by Michael Gray, president, Pericoota Wine Region Growing season: The 2010-11 growing season was challenging. High summer rainfall meant growers were faced with very high disease pressure for downy mildew and, later in the season, botrytis. Mild temperatures meant ripening was slow, which in many cases saw an excellent expression of varietal flavours as […]

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