Value increase for Tasmanian winegrapes

Photo: Coal River Valley. Image courtesy Sarah Ryan.

Tasmania’s wine producers rose to the (many) challenges across the 2023 season to harvest modest volumes of excellent quality.

No two seasons are the same in Tasmania’s cool and varying climate, and this sentiment rang especially true for the 2023 harvest, with challenges being plentiful and varied across the island.

In 2023, Tasmania collectively harvested 12,390 tonnes of winegrapes, which is anticipated to produce 895,000 cases of wine. The season delivered another record for the value of Tasmanian winegrapes: up to $3,377/tonne compared with the national average of $642/tonne, which is a four per cent increase from 2022. This places the value of Tasmanian winegrapes as 10th in the nation, despite being only 15th by volume.

“The overall 2023 vintage production is very similar to 2022, with many wine growing areas experiencing significantly lower yields. The decrease in yields has been partially offset by newer vineyards starting to come into production, with the island’s total vineyard area continuing to expand,” said Sheralee Davies, Wine Tasmania CEO.

“Due to the vigilance and tireless management of our producers, the quality of the winegrapes harvested this year is reported to be excellent. With volumes down and increasing global demand, this means Tassie wine lovers may need to get in early to secure wine from their favourite vineyards.”

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