The footballers putting Shiraz in stubbies

Image courtesy Hey Diddle Wines.

Barossa born Hey Diddle Wines have launched “Shiraz Stubbies”, with each 330ml bottle containing a glass and a half of the winery’s 2021 Shiraz.

Hey Diddle is the joint venture of Port Adelaide footballers Tom Jonas and Brad Ebert, in collaboration with winemaker Ben Chipman. The new stubby bottle format is believed to be the first of its kind for wine.

Since quietly producing a limited run of the stubbies earlier this year, Jonas said initial feedback from customers was that the smaller format filled a gap in the market for those wanting a glass to themselves without opening a bottle.

“The size allows you to enjoy a little over a glass when that’s all you need or should have, without wasting the rest of the bottle,” Jonas said.

“It keeps our premium 2021 Shiraz fresh and at its best for longer than if you were to keep a bottle going for a few days.”

The wines retail for $64 for a pack of four cap-top bottles, with a second variety in the format set to arrive later this year.

“Our focus has always been on great wine that’s no fuss, easy drinking and a bit of fun – the stubby format lends itself well to that,” Jonas said.

“As far as we’re aware, these are the only wine stubbies on the market.”

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