Support for winemakers looking to the future

Victoria’s grapegrowers and winemakers could benefit from a new program, run by Wine Victoria, providing support to tackle climate change, work sustainably, increase profitability, and keep abreast of market standards.

The Growing Victorian Wine into the Future Program is funded by a $455,500 grant awarded to Wine Victoria by the Victorian Government through the New Markets for Food and Regional Produce stream of the Agriculture Workforce Plan.

Agriculture Victoria Executive Director, Policy and Programs, Sarah-Jane McCormack, said the program aimed to provide a one-stop-shop to producers looking for clarity and guidance about the ever-changing demands of markets at home and abroad.

“Grapegrowers and winemakers across the state have been experiencing significant stress with oversupply of grapes, high input costs and loss of key markets.” McCormack said.

“The Growing Victorian Wine into the Future Program addresses these challenges head on, supporting growers to demonstrate the sustainability credentials that the markets now demand.”

The Growing Victorian Wine into the Future Program will include a state-wide vineyard health assessment along with a series of regional workshops, tools, and resources available to the industry.

Participants will learn more about redevelopment strategies to modernise and optimise vineyards, ways to step-up productivity, and the benefits of adopting agtech on-farm.

Another major theme of the program is sustainable practices. Participants will develop an understanding on how to extend the fruitful life of vineyards for the longevity of the industry.

Kim Chalmers, Chair of Wine Victoria’s Technical Committee says she was delighted by the Victorian Government’s support.

“The new program will see a range of activities to improve the environmental and economic sustainability of Victorian wine growers and vineyards,” said Chalmers.


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