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Address: PO Box 257, Caulfield Junction
VIC, 3161, Australia
Telephone: 0411 237 445
Email: [email protected]

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Trellis’s vertical AI-powered risk intelligence platform improves wine industry margins by 10% by connecting enterprise supply chains,
increasing quality and optimising resource utilisation. Its “Vine to Wine” solution addresses supply chain issues from field-to-factory.
Trellis’s platform addresses value chain risks including weather and climate change, supply chain, logistics and inventory challenges.
Trellis system is easy to deploy and use and allows wineries to leverage its live predictions of yields,
maturity prediction and harvest optimization with multiple new features, insights and alerts.
The system supports the winery employees and executives as well as boosting profitability across viticulture and winemaking operations.

Appointments for a platform demonstration can be made by emailing [email protected]
Justine Cohen, Programme Manager, [email protected], ph 0422 301 111
Mark Cohen, Commercial Manager, [email protected], ph 0411 237 443

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