Stomping into the heart of Canberra’s wine country: small in size but not short on soul

Bob and Julie of Barton Estate. Image courtesy Canberra District Wine Industry Association

The Canberra District Wine Industry Association (CDWIA) has announced the return of Stomp Festival and Canberra Wine Week, inviting wine enthusiasts from Canberra, the wider region and beyond to explore the local wine scene. Canberra’s wine region is known for its boutique, family-owned and operated wineries. Here, the winemakers are also the owners, pouring their hearts, souls, and deep-rooted passion into every bottle.

“The Canberra District might be small in size, but our wines stand tall on the national stage, celebrated for their quality and innovation. We’re a close-knit community of winemakers dedicated to crafting exceptional wines,” said Fergus McGhie, president of the CDWIA.

“This year, we’ve merged the Stomp Festival with Canberra Wine Week, marking a festive homage to the 2024 harvest—a vintage anticipated to be exceptional. Attendees will be treated to a variety of wine-centric activities, including tastings, vineyard tours, workshops, long lunches and privileged access to behind-the-scenes moments,” McGhie added.

This year’s festivities promise an immersive experience into the heart of Canberra’s wine country, showcasing the passion, innovation, and collaborative spirit that define its local wineries.

The festival will also see collaboration with a number of restaurants and bars across Canberra, where Canberra District Wines will be in the spotlight through-out the festival.

“One of the great things about the Stomp Festival weekend is the culmination of our wineries’ efforts to create an unforgettable weekend for locals and visitors to the Canberra Region. We invite everyone to join us, from casual enthusiasts to seasoned connoisseurs, to discover the unique charm of Canberra’s wines,” added Sarah Collingwood, owner of Four Winds Vineyard in Murrumbateman.

The festival aims showcase the depth and diversity of Canberra’s wines, from Shiraz and Riesling to lesser-known varieties through tastings, and will offer visitors the opportunity to meet the winemakers behind local wines, with entertainment ranging from life drawing to live music.

The Stomp Festival and Canberra Wine Week are an invitation to explore and celebrate Canberra’s unique wine region.

Event details

  • Stomp Festival Sat 20 – Sun 21 April
  • Canberra Wine Week Mon 22 – Sun 28 April

Full program of events and tickets: Visit for more information.

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