New agribusiness app begins operation in South Australia

Image courtesy Onside

Onside, an app designed for the agricultural industry recently launched in South Australia. Developed by New Zealand Agritech start-up Onside and has around 35,000 registered users across a variety of agricultural sectors, including wine, fruit and cattle in its home market.

Driven by the similarities of the agricultural landscapes, Onside determined South Australia was the ideal starting point to introduce the app in Australia, offering agribusiness owners and managers a new way to manage their operations.

Onside provides agribusinesses with networked digital information and functionalities aims to improve operational efficiency, assist with compliance, and enhances biosecurity as well as worker safety.

Onside works by integrating check-in and check-out applications, team coordination, task pinpointing, time sheeting, incident logging, disease control and hazard identification in one smartphone app.

Onside Co-Founder and CEO, Ryan Higgs, said he undersood the challenges of managing rural properties.

“I experienced first-hand how difficult it was to keep track of who was on our farms, what they were doing, how to get in touch with them and whether they had all the information they required,” said Higgs.

“What started out as a simple check-in, visitor management and health and safety tool has since evolved into [an] operations app for all rural sectors that cuts down on paperwork and provides information on everything that is happening on the property.

“As the app evolved it became clear that our mission was to transform efficiency– because an efficient primary production sector is the key to prosperity for all.”

“Large scale vineyards are reaping the benefits of Onside, particularly at busy times of year such as harvest, when there are typically extra staff on the property.

“The app allows managers to ensure everyone is accounted for, and aware of any hazards. It also allows critical information to be available from the palm of your hand at any time.”

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