Limestone Coast wine showcased to the world

Coonawarra vineyards. Image Harrison Davies

Limestone Coast wine exporters have received State Government support to showcase their products to the world through a program which aims to upskill and create better connections for regional South Australian businesses.

Showcase SA’s regional Business Accelerator series went to Coonawarra along with SA Minister for Trade and Investment Nick Champion.

“The Coonawarra is one of Australia’s most famous wine regions, globally renowned, and is home to a number of exporters, many looking to grow their international footprint,” Champion said.

“This program ensures local business owners can take their exports to the next level and grow their international reach.”

The Minister joined a wine industry round table to hear more from growers and producers about the opportunities and challenges facing the local wine industry, which is famed for its exports of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

Businesses taking part in the Accelerator series shared insights, training, and received networking opportunities.

One such program designed to help boost the region’s wine exports is DTI’s US Market Entry Program.

Run in conjunction with Wine Australia, wineries from the Limestone Coast are participating in a 12-month program to help them find pathways into the US market.

Next month other local wine producers, with Government support, will attend the London Wine Fair’s ‘Unearthed Wines’ exhibition in June.

“In a significant step, wineries new to the UK market, will be supported to attend one of their first international trade shows since the onset of COVID-19,” Champion said.


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