Kate Petering appointed head winemaker at Maxwell

Kate Petering has been appointed head winemaker at Maxwell, to lead the winemaking direction for the 2019 grape harvest and coming seasons.

Petering was formerly chief winemaker of Mt Langi Ghiran, and it’s this experience owner Mark Maxwell was seeking for Maxwell’s heritage vineyards and expanded winery facility, to deliver more evolved wine styles which are varietally expressive.

Petering said she feels at home in McLaren Vale, working with a family-owned and operated winery.

“It’s fantastic to work with Mark who is very invested in the outcome. The opportunity to evolve the wines of Maxwell has come from Mark’s drive to continually improve the wine and the customer’s experience of the wine,” said Petering

“I have great respect for the foundation Mark has built and the history of the vineyards we are working with. I have all the tools at my disposal to really hone my creativity and love for winemaking. It is very exciting to be working with a 90 year-old Grenache vineyard, a 66 year-old Shiraz and 47 year old Cabernet vineyards.”

Petering’s first vintage at Maxwell will be all about getting to know the winery, the vines and quality of fruit.

“Mark recently expanded the winery including additional tanks and equipment which is a luxury for any winemaker,” said Petering.

Mark and his son Jeremy Maxwell, continue to be actively involved in the winery but are keen to give Petering the space to work with new varieties, develop limited release wines and experiment with different styles.
“I don’t believe in standing still or you get stuck and remain stale,” said Mark Maxwell.

“Kate’s attention to detail and her experience with one of Australia’s best Shiraz vineyards, will help to refine the foundation we have built our brand on.

“We have modernised our visual branding in the past year and we have just completed extensive work in the restaurant and cellar door to open up the customer’s experience of our winery, meadery and food.

“I have been focused on always improving on what we do so we can share our passion for food, wine and McLaren Vale for people in ways that always keep them interested and engaged,” said Maxwell.

Petering too is excited to be in McLaren Vale, finding it to be home to a dynamic wine community.

“You never stop learning in this industry and the creativity and generosity of people in McLaren Vale is truly exciting. Maxwell has given me a huge opportunity for a fantastic lifestyle in a beautiful environment with many like-minded people with a lot of common ground,” said Petering.

The evolution of Maxwell is entering an exciting phase in both its wine production and delivery of on-site customer experiences.