John Deere will transform its offering to the vineyard industry with the new 5ML series of cab tractors.

Narrow width, more power, unprecedented technology

John Deere will transform its offering to Australia and New Zealand’s grapegrowing and winemaking industries with the introduction of the new 100 horsepower-plus John Deere 5ML Series of cab tractors, built specifically to meet the unique needs of producers across the country.

Offering two front-axle configurations for working widths as narrow as 71 inches (180cm) and down to 61 inches (154.9cm) on the 5ML Narrow, the 5ML will make available a machine carrying premium features at a size suited to exacting applications. Additionally, it will deliver superior operator comfort as well as a level of precision agriculture technology not before seen in this class.

John Deere Australia and New Zealand Production System Manager, Stephanie Gersekowski, said with 105, 120 and 130 models available, the 5ML will bring unprecedented power to John Deere’s orchard tractor offering.

“We are extremely excited to bring the 5ML to Australia to respond directly to the needs of growers looking for a low-profile cab, more power and industry-leading digital capabilities typically only available on machines in larger agriculture production systems,” Gereskowski said.

Premium specifications

The 5ML will feature PFC Hydraulics, a load sensing system which immediately initiates flow when required. When flow is no longer needed, the pump returns to low pressure and to no-flow standby mode, to improve fuel efficiency by up to 30 per cent.

Both the 5ML and 5ML Narrow come equipped with programmable LED lighting, a front hitch to ensure operators can use heavier implements such as a trimmer for canopy management, and a front PTO for added versatility. There is also the choice of an easy-to-use PowrQuadTM PLUS or Powr8TM transmission.

Offering two front-axle configurations, with working widths as narrow as 71 inches and down to 61 inches, a limb lifter kit can be added to move away low hanging branches.

Dedicated to orchards and vineyards

The 5ML’s John Deere-built organic cab carries the ideal dimensions to fit down tight rows. A reconfigurable in-dash, three-screen LCD display allows operators to customise their view and makes it easy to set up guidance lines, make on-the-go adjustments with shift track, and establish headlands with the encoder dial.

“The cab also has a flat floor, spacious headroom and ergonomic, well-placed controls to make them easy-to-use for operators with a variety of experience, while giving extra comfort during long days in the driver’s seat,” Gersekowski said.

A Category IV Filtration System Kit provides additional cabin filtration and pressurisation, preventing external chemical and particulate hazards from entering the operator enclosure, and eliminating the need for personal protective wear.

“This, coupled with the enhanced cab design, can also help to attract and retain a workforce in a tough hiring climate,” Gersekowski said.

A new Limb Lifter kit can also be added to gently move away low hanging branches, reducing the potential for damage to the tree and tractor.

Integrated technology

The 5ML will bring a new level of technology to John Deere tractors in the vineyard market, making available industry-leading precision farming capabilities to grow efficiency and production, including JDLinkTM – an industry exclusive in this class – to track machine data remotely.

“This is ideal for large production high value crop customers with fleets of tractors as it allows them to manage equipment location, proactively monitor machine health and productivity, and give their team the information and direction they need to finish jobs accurately and on time,” Gersekowski explained.

The 5ML is Greenstar/ISOBUS Ready for implement connectivity, to help more accurately apply liquid and dry products in environments where a GPS signal is not available, and to document those applications.

AutoTRACTM also comes as an option and offers customers the ability to eliminate implement overlap and optimise machine efficiency when completing jobs such as spraying, planting, and mowing.

Available now to order

“The 5ML achieves a masterful combination of power, integrated technology and a width dedicated to vineyard production and will prove invaluable in getting jobs like spraying, mulching, fruit handling, harvesting and towing transport wagons done, and done right,” Gereskowski said.

The 5ML and 5ML Narrow are available to order. For more information, or to arrange a demonstration, contact your local John Deere dealer:


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