International Wine Challenge China partners with

The partnership means that all wine producers awarded medals (Trophy, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Commended) in IWC China 2020 will be offered the chance to sell to Chinese wine buyers or consumers directly through

After liaising with the online retailer, medal-winning producers will be able to decide the best approach to entering the Chinese wine market.

Winners can do this by importing directly, conducting local direct sales in China, opening a flagship store, or establishing an arrangement for cross-border trade, all through

The online retailer is also establishing an IWC China promotional area on its website, listing all IWC China award-winning wines, serving consumers looking for guarantees of authenticity.

If an awarded producer already has an importer in China, will discuss promotion and delivery opportunities with them. If they already have a listing on the website, will ensure their wines also appear in the IWC China promotional space.

IWC director Chris Ashton said, “I am delighted to sign this agreement with for listings on its e-commerce platform”.

“It allows our award-winning wines to get their first listing in China after they have won an IWC China award.

“Coupled with the IWC China medal sticker, the bottles and their listing on the website will show complete authenticity and ensure Chinese wine buyers are buying world-class wines from a guaranteed source.

“I see this as a win-win agreement for, IWC China, winemakers and the wine buying public.”

IWC China 2020 is open for entries until May 2, 2020.