Holidaymakers offer huge opportunity for Australian on-premise

Over half of Australian on-premise consumers experiment more with food and drink options whilst on holiday, according to the latest report by on-premise measurement, insight & research consultancy, CGA by NIQ.

Almost 9 in 10 on-premise consumers have holiday plans in the next 12 months, and over half of these are planning domestic staycations. The report highlights the opportunity that holidaymakers offer the Australian on-premise.

Beach holidays and city breaks are reportedly the most popular holiday types among consumers, with beach destinations accounting for 45% and cities for 28%. Hotels are the preferred accommodation choice, offering valuable opportunity for hotels in the vicinity of key holiday areas.

On-premise channels located around these popular holiday types should also prepare for an influx of consumers, as the report revealed 3 in 5 Australian holidaymakers plan on going out to eat and drink whilst away, with casual dining restaurants (77%), pubs (52%), and the accommodation they’re staying in (49%), being the most popular channels. This highlights how operators should be strategically targeting holidaymakers planning on visiting areas surrounding their venues.

According to the report, 45% of holidaymakers spend more when on holidays. Encouraging consumers to experiment with new and different products whilst away could spark the desire to relive their holiday experience at home, and influence a purchase outside of their visit.

The report reflects how operators, brands and suppliers can optimise sales and visitation frequency by best understanding how consumers plan to spend their holiday.

Recognising the various behavioural differences consumers have whilst on holiday can assist in supplying for the demand of holidaymakers.

“It’s crucial for suppliers to equip themselves with a bigger picture understanding of what drives the Australian holidaymaker, which hotels and venues they’re most likely to visit, and the products they’re most likely to engage with while they’re in holiday mode,” said James Phillips, client solutions director, ANZ.

“The report clearly shows the difference in on-premise behaviours when visiting hospitality venues on holiday, compared to at home, reiterating the importance of pre-empting these differences, and presenting consumers with carefully considered options when they’re at their most receptive.”

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