High power ultrasonics hope to boost wine business profitability

A wine technology start-up is seeking funding for what it describes as the future of Australian winemaking

Andrew Yap, one of the founders of the new South Australian start-up company Wine Ultrasonics Australia (WUA), said the time is right for the take-up of high power ultrasonics (HPU) by the Australian wine industry.

“HPU technology offers the solution to some of the cost, market disruption and sustainability challenges facing the wine industry” Andrew Yap suggested.

“WUA aims to transform wine processing with regard to wine quality, spoilage risk, environment protection and cost performance.

“WUA will be the first to bring to the Australian market a cost effective and versatile machine that enables wineries to access the enhanced wine outcomes and financial performance benefits of HPU.”

Wine Ultrasonics Australia will be seeking investor funding to develop and market proprietary ultrasonics hardware products that aim to improve wine processing and produce cleaner wines.

HPU reportedly helps to provide cost saving and environmental benefits as well as wine spoilage risk reduction in regards to the sanitation of barrels.

Yap explained that HPU could also help to enhance the extraction of colour, flavour and phenolics compounds from red grape musts after crushing, during cold maceration, during fermentation and post-fermentation maceration.

WUA has been selected to participate in the South Australian Government (PIRSA) Agtech program and will take advantage of that program’s commercialization support resources to finalise its business case and undertake field trials of the new HPU equipment designs.

WUA has a presence at the forthcoming Wine Industry Technical Conference with a poster presentation summarizing the benefits of HPU applications to a wine business, refer Winetech stand 44, poster board 144.


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