Federal Government signals support for Australian prosecco

The Federal Government has signalled that it will stand behind the Australian wine industry and protect Australian winemakers’ ability to label wine made with Prosecco grapes as Prosecco.

A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said that the government would continue to recognise the Australia-EU Wine Agreement.

“Australia’s position remains that Prosecco is a recognised grape variety in Australia,” the spokesperson said.

“The government appreciates the commercial and systemic importance to the Australian wine industry that descriptors, such as grape varieties remain available for use.

“Minister for Trade, Don Farrell has made it clear that Australia could only agree to a trade deal that involves substantial new market access for our key agricultural products such as beef, sheep meat, dairy, sugar, rice and grains.

“The EU will need to deliver outcomes that go significantly beyond Australia’s modest access under World Trade Organization arrangements.”

Australian Prosecco producers were dealt a blow when New Zealand recognised Prosecco as a protected Geographical Indication, meaning only Italian Prosecco can be labelled as such in New Zealand. The agreement is set to go into effect in five years.

The federal government’s announcement is likely to help Australian producers rest easy, as roughly two thirds of Prosecco bought domestically finds its origin in Australia.

“The government is committed to helping the wine industry explore and expand new international market access and grow demand for Australian wines,” the spokesperson said.


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