Bendigo region wineries pick up Victorian wine awards

Image: Black Estate team.

Black Estate Vineyard and Black Wallaby Wines from the Bendigo region have picked up awards at this year’s Victorian Wine Show and Daylesford Wine Show, including a Wine Producer of the Year accolade.

At the Victorian Wine Show, Black Estate impressed by taking home the Gold Award for its 2018 Black Estate Shiraz, in the class of Shiraz and Shiraz Viognier 2018 And Older.

For vigneron Rob Black, this award is a recognition of the hard work and dedication that he and his wife Leanne pour into the vineyard.

“The intermittent weather patterns during the last few growing seasons, including 2018, made grapegrowing quite challenging,” he said.

“This medal keeps the spring in our step and the smile on our faces as our wine was awarded by our peers for its quality and taste.”

From their vineyard on the banks of Bridgewater-on-Loddon, David and Jayne Lawson are celebrating their wins at the Daylesford Wine Show.


David Lawson with his 2018 Black Wallaby Shiraz and Best Producer trophy


David won the Julian West Memorial Trophy for the best wine producer under 25 tonnes. His 2018 Black Wallaby Shiraz received the Top Gold Medal, Best Shiraz of Show and Best Wine of Show accolades.

David, the label’s chief winemaker, said that winning these awards gave his small team the good indication that their wines are being well received by their peers.

“We are so thrilled that we did so well,” he said.

“There’s an undying love and passion you have as a farmer to produce something really special from the land you work.

“We hope this award encourages people to step outside their comfort zone and try a different wine to what they might usually drink, as they will be pleasantly surprised.”


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