Banrock Station commits to sustainability goals with Landcare Australia

Following on from last year’s news of the partnership between Banrock Station, an eco-friendly Accolade Wines brand, and Landcare Australia, this year the producer will begin its mission to plant over 100,000 native trees and shrubs.

Supporting biodiversity and animal habitats, clean air and water, while responding to the impacts of a changing climate and deforestation, the initiative will see thousands of trees and shrubs planted in Australia every year from 2021.

A core pillar of the Banrock Station brand is its commitment to the environment, demonstrated through the Banrock Station Environmental Trust, whereby a portion of profits are reinvested to support conservation projects around the world.

Nicola Paroissien, head of global marketing – core brands at Accolade Wines said, “Sustainability is high on the agenda and we know that four out of five global consumers feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment”.

“With every bottle of Banrock Station enjoyed with friends and family, we reinvest a part of the profits to projects that support the environment.

“So, with every glass, consumers can take comfort that they are supporting a brand that supports the planet.”

Landcare Australia CEO Dr Shane Norrish said, “We have worked closely with Banrock Station for many years on projects in Australia, and this new partnership will help us to continue restoring our valuable natural assets and native habitat through planting hundreds of thousands of trees and shrubs for native animals and local communities”.


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