2022 Master of Wine exam questions and wines revealed

The Institute of Masters of Wine (MW) has published the questions from the 2022 MW exam, including the list of wines for the practical (tasting) part of the exam.

Several Australian and New Zealand wines featured in the lineup, including Tahbilk’s Marsanne Museum Release, 2014, and Grosset’s Springvale Riesling, 2021.

From 26 to 29 July 103 students sat the theory and practical exams in Adelaide, London and Napa.

The practical and theory exams form the second stage of the MW study programme. Over four days students had three 12-wine blind practical papers and five theory papers on the subjects of viticulture; vinification and pre-bottling procedures; handling of wines; the business of wine; and contemporary issues.

Those who successfully pass the stage two theory and practical exams will progress to stage three, the research paper, the final stage of the MW study programme.

The first step is the stage one assessment, a one-day exam comprising a 12-wine blind tasting exam in the morning and a theory exam in the afternoon. Eighty-six students sat the stage one assessment, which this year was held on 25 July. Students can only progress to stage two of the MW study programme by successfully passing this assessment.

The test is notoriously challenging and asks test takers to have a near encyclopaedic knowledge of wine.

Test takers are required to identify things like origin, vintage, variety and winemaking style from a group of similar wines.

The complete list of wines can be found here, along with the accompanying questions. The list also shows the questions from the theory component of the MW exam.


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