$2.35 million of support for Australian wine exports starts now

Australian Export Products Network (AEPN) is offering up to $2.35 million of support to the Australian wine industry so it can export to fifteen countries in Asia.

Any business, small or large, could qualify.

Start promoting yourself now before the Lunar New Year gets here! You could start exporting within days to 15 Asian destinations for only $522 per country per month excluding GST.

Your investment should also qualify for export grants and other subsidies, which could reduce this further to less than $275 per country per month! A very small investment for such a huge potential return.

AEPN is an affiliate member of Australian Grape & Wine (AGW) and is making this extraordinary offer to its members to help recover from the problems caused by the unjust Chinese tariffs.

AEPN is dedicated to helping Australian exporters diversify their risk, increase their coverage and make more profits.

It has built up or network over the last decade and now wants to help Australian exporters take advantage of it. You can contact AEPN now.

AEPN will not be closing over the Christmas and New Year period so it can help any Australian exporter who wants to start immediately.

Australians might be looking forward to a break for Christmas and the New Year but most countries in Asia are looking at what they will do in the Year of the Ox – after Feb 12, 2021.

The Lunar New Year (Vietnamese Tet, Korean Solnal, etc.) is when a lot of Asian business people will want to start new relationships with suppliers.

It is therefore a major advantage to promote your products now in Asia and get your brand known so when the new lunar year comes you are ready.

Within days of joining the AEPN you will have a local:

  • Brochure about you and your products;
  • Website about you and your products;
  • Social Media that is regularly updated;
  • Contact Point for potential importers; and
  • Active marketing and promotions ongoing every week.

All in local language and all updated regularly!

AEPN has its own trusted people on the ground and best of all AEPN is based in Australia and is Australian owned.

You will not have to worry about the international exchange rate as all AEPN invoices are in Australian dollars.

For more information and contact details go to https://exportproducts.com.au.