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Published quarterly, the focus of the Wine & Viticulture Journal provides essential reading for wine industry professionals. Covering vine to market - don't miss an issue!

Essential reading for wine industry practitioners, including vineyard and winery proprietors and managers, viticulturists, consultants, winemakers, winery engineers, marketers and educators. Covering vine to market—don’t miss an issue.

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Why so little new research about juice handling?

A search for the keywords ‘crushing’ or ‘destemming’ or ‘pressing’ in the leading oenology and viticulture journals turns up hundreds of results. On closer inspection, virtually every article mentions these juice handling processes in passing, as part of the experimental methods en route to the actual point of the research – a point which ends up having little to do with juice handling.

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Wine & Viticulture Journal
Current Issue – July – September 2018 (Vol. 33)

Welcome to the first quarterly issue of the Wine & Viticulture Journal! Actually, scratch that. It’s not the first quarterly issue at all. Technically, it’s the 52nd. Confused? As long, long-time subscribers may recall, the Journal actually started out life as a quarterly. Back then, it was known as the Wine Industry Journal, which was published quarterly from 1986 to 1998 (with just three issues published in the year of 1988, for those doing the sums) until publisher Paul Clancy, after a year of planning, released the first bi-monthly issue of the Journal, expanding the magazine’s marketing and business section in the process and giving the publication its first facelift in 13 years.

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Profile Summary

  • Serving the industry for more than 25 years. Readership of more than 4,320 print copies includes including vineyard and winery proprietors and managers, viticulturists, consultants, winemakers, winery engineers, marketers and educators.
  • Editorial coverage includes comprehensive articles and relevant news on winemaking and grapegrowing techniques and innovations, plus regional news, wine business and marketing issues. The combined editorial mix of both former leading publications will deliver “must have” industry innovation and technology content.
  • Contributing writers are highly regarded with columns and opinions from leading wine industry figures, including Tony Keys, of The Key Report, and viticulturists Dr Richard Smart and Tony Hoare, plus the latest technical updates from Departments of Primary Industries, The Australian Wine Research Institute and universities.
  • Varietal reports and journal tastings continue to be a Journal trademark – these are highly anticipated by readers each issue.

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