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2012 vintage report for South Burnett (Queensland)

The 2012 vintage was in stark contrast to 2011, with climatic conditions producing the best growing season on record. Verdelho has been the stand out variety in the whites, but winemakers agree that the quality of all the fruit this year has been exceptional. The more moderate temperatures pushed vintage seven to 10 days later […]

2012 vintage report for Orange (New South Wales)

Most vignerons are extremely positive about the quality of their wines, despite crop yields being affected by wet weather and one of the coolest growing seasons and latest harvests ever. The whites are showing great elegance and fine flavours, and the reds are presenting with rich dark colours. Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the standout […]

2012 vintage report for New England (New South Wales)

If persistence of birds is any indication, 2012 should be an absolute cracker for New England. Disease pressure was high, but good vineyard management and low crop yields (in all varieties except Merlot) produced some excellent fruit. Cooler conditions delayed harvest on the top of the range by 2-3 weeks, but timing was normal elsewhere. […]

2012 vintage report for Tumbarumba (New South Wales)

2012 brought mixed emotions. Some growers suffered one of their worst seasons after three major hail events and untimely November rain, while others were thrilled with the quality of their fruit – which also excited winemakers purchasing it. Whites were the standout, with Chardonnay showing complex flavours and both Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc also impressive. […]

2012 vintage report for Cowra (New South Wales)

Cowra experienced a very mild year with temperatures being up to 5C below average. Rainfall was on average until a major downpour at start of March. The whites are extremely varietal, showing great natural acid; this could be one of the best white vintages in the last 20 years for the area. Shiraz before the […]

2012 vintage report for Currency Creek (South Australia)

Overall, the 2012 vintage will be classed from a quality perspective as probably the best that the Currency Creek wine region has experienced since its inception. While all varieties produced high quality fruit, the stand out for reds was Cabernet Sauvignon (followed closely by Merlot) and for whites was Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. Source: Winemakers’ […]

2012 vintage report for Southern Flinders (South Australia)

Harvest was up to two weeks earlier than average, with yields down by 30-50% in some areas due to small bunch sizes and small berries with lower extraction. However, colour extraction was excellent and flavours were great. Fruit was flavour ripe at lower Baume than usual, so should produce excellent flavours with lower alcohol. Source: […]

2012 vintage report for Mount Gambier (South Australia)

The season was 2-3 weeks earlier than the norm for Mount Gambier, with virtually all fruit having been harvested by mid-March (the earliest ever). While yields were generally down across all varieties, primarily due to the cool, wet conditions at flowering, grape quality was sensational, reaching full physiological ripeness in ideal conditions. Source: Winemakers’ Federation […]

2012 vintage report for Mount Benson (South Australia)

Harvest began 2-3 weeks earlier than the recent norm and wineries had an ideal season in terms of managing fruit intake. Whites already in bottle are riper and more in the tropical spectrum than last year (particularly Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon) and quality is very good. Reds show intense colour and flavour across the board […]

2012 vintage report for Wrattonbully (South Australia)

The 2012 vintage will be remembered as one of the region’s finest. Fruit quality is exceptional across all varieties, driven somewhat by a below average yield. Budburst was particularly early. Whites look very strong and have good acid retention due to the lack of intense heat late in the ripening period, but arguably the standout […]

2012 vintage report for Swan District (Western Australia)

A welcome return to more normal weather patterns; excellent spring rain and mild summer temperatures produced one of the earliest and best WA wine vintages in years. Outstanding white fruit with fresh aromas and vitality were harvested, along with deeply flavoured reds. Source: Winemakers’ Federation of Australia, Regional Reports, July 2012

2012 vintage report for Margaret River (Western Australia)

Consensus amongst winemakers is usually difficult to achieve but all agree the 2012 vintage is going to be truly special; Chardonnay and the Sauvignon Blanc Semillon blends are rated as outstanding with Cabernet Sauvignon a step further ahead and universally declared as show stopping brilliant. Harvest began 2-3 weeks early, after a warm, dry summer. […]

2012 vintage report for Robe (South Australia)

A drier than average year with high temperatures early in the growing season saw yields in all varieties down (as forecast), due mainly to lower bunch numbers and some bird damage. However, the quality of the reds is very good, particularly for Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Whites are of average quality and yield. Source: Winemakers’ […]

2012 vintage report for Hunter Valley (New South Wales)

The Hunter vintage started later than it has in the past few years, but closer to a traditional Hunter season with most picking taking place late January. While Chardonnay and Verdelho were picked around Australia Day, Semillon was slower to ripen than normal. Rain was intermittent throughout the white harvest and the majority of fruit […]

2012 vintage report for Eden Valley (South Australia)

As in the Barossa, picking began up to a month early. Milder summer conditions and cool nights helped develop great flavours and good sugar to acid ratios, particularly in Riesling. Riesling, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon were outstanding in 2012, with flavor development and acids progressing smoothly. Source: Winemakers’ Federation of Australia, Regional Reports, July 2012

2012 vintage report for Mount Barker (Western Australia)

While the region had some difficulties, caused in part by late summer rains, 2012 still looks to be a stellar year, with extra points to Riesling, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Vine growth was amazing compared with recent dry years. Yields were above expectation for Riesling and Shiraz, but lower for Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. […]

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