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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 644, 2017
Title: The impact of winter drought on vine growth and wine quality
Keywords: Marcos, Bonada, South, Australia, Research, Development, Institute, Paul, Petrie, Australian, Wine, AWRI, Everard, Edwards, Commonwealth, Scientific, Industrial, Organisation, CSIRO, Mike, McCarthy, grape, growers, premium, regions, rainfall, winter, soil, sustain, vines, spring, weather, observations, decline, autumn, Eastern, vineyards, planted, increased, growth, limited, water, availability, best, irrigation, strategies, maintain, productivity, issues, attention, countries, similar, drought, conditions, studies, US, example, long, term, efect, vine, balance, irrigate, growing, season, exclusion, negative, impacts, Merlot, study, experimental, seasons, trial, simulated, reduced, assessed, options, better, understand, production, site, treatment, located, SARDI, Nuriootpa, Centre, Barossa, Valley, SA, compares, control, exposed, natural, rain, excluded, shleters, May, August, replaced, variety, methods, using, micro, sprinklers, whole, floor, drippers, apply, average, application, results, discussion, trend, yield, higher, 2016, 2017, 2016/17, 2015, 2015/16, top, up, refill, profile, budburst, restored, filling, dry, strategy, development, canopy, fruit, quality, maintenance, content, matched, yielded, removed,differences, driven, number, bunches, larger, smaller, open, bud, fruitfulness, shoot, harvest, analysed, style, sensory, assessment, lower, phenolic, concentration, lighter, colour, intense, red, aroma, green, flavour, attributes, intensity, tones, Shiraz, substances, darker, colourful, flavoursome, richer, body, dark, finished, reduction, causes, pattern, wetting, influencing, root, longevity, performance, analysis, early, hormonal, signalling, abscisic, acid, help, clarify, composition, cost, vegetative, available, recommend
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