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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 644, 2017
Title: 2017 ASVO Seminar
Keywords: Intelligent, Systems, Profitable, Winegrowing, robots, drones, AI, artificial, intelligence, agenda, Australian, Society, Viticulture, Oenology, conference, Mildura, foucs, vineyard, technology, new, projects, streamline, processes, data, crunching, key, points, industry, practical, application, research, Ann, Anne, Ruston, opening, address, Australia, export, market, China, topic, cheaperst, producer, high, standard, quality, increase, profits, growing, water, Murray, Darling, law, researchers, growers, viticulturists, strong, measuring, canopy, decline, producing, estimate, yield, improve, bottom, line, robotics, areal, arial, imaging, outlook, improved, usage, mechanised, predictions, future, bridging, gap, Mike, Briers, Uinversity, Sydney, app, Ros, Harvey, compiles, problem, solving, needs, gathered, site, soil, moisture, weather, conditions, historical, averages, spray, plans, irrigation, scheduling, mobile, send, notifications, success, local, information, readings, stations, variable, drip, Luis, Sanchez, project, EJ, Gallo, Vineyards, managing, inconsistencies, controlled, plot, multispectral, identify, areas, lacking, growth, targeted, block, producing, tonnes, adjusted, techniques, composting, fertilisers, low, performing, increased, automated, computer, acre, Maria, Paz, Diago, measurement, vine, sensors, measure, porosity, cluster, size, foliage, predict, health, difference, tractor, mounted, cameras, night, flash, eliminating, black, out, sheet, definition, photgraphd, trials, successful, available
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