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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 643, 2017
Title: Clever oak handling innovations
Keywords: analysis, oak, handling, storage, methods, wine, industry, useful, history, changed, attitudes, seven, years, use, wood, staves, cost, style, option, Phil, Rogers, Caught, Red, Handed, Wines, owner, winemaker, McLaren, Vale, suspended, under, $20, retail, price, point, small, medium, sized, producers, economic, sense, positive, controllable, contributor, aromatics, Australian, Research, Institute, AWRI, technology, reduce, labour, costs, eliminate, manual, reducing, requirements, barrel, racking, topping, adjuncts, efficient, better, warehouse, space, benefit, ullage, problems, Brettanomyces, infection, spoilage, risks, mitigated, alternative, Warren, Smith, Pyramids, Road, Winery, Queensland, Granite, Belt, region, increased, knowledge, acceptance, different, products, growing, customers, want, flavours, treatments, feedback, consumers, cocnut, vanilla, aromas, elegance, refinement, finesse, communicated, limiting, overt, taste, experience, cis, lactone, smoky, charred, toasting, levels, coopering, barrels, contributor, ammount, present, affected, seasoning, volume, compounds, variation, samples, increasing, toast, rate, extraction, impact, technical, experts, recorded, unheated, untoasted, step, higher, heated, Guaiacol, methylguaiacol, indicators, factor, imparting, Vanillan, by-product, transformed, yeast, metabolism, American, suited, Shiraz, French, origin, choice, Cabernet, Sauvignon, derived, identified, country, forest, implementing, regimes, dominated, visual, inspection, tightness, grain, quality, internal, finish, paramount, determining, fitness, purpose, task, appropriating, varieties, example, Merlot, Nevers, Adelaide, Hills, Chardonnay, Vosges, furural, methylfurfural, research, sensory, experience, generated, breakdown, carbohydrates, cellulose, hemicellulose, process, accelerated, aromatically, sweet, butterscotch, caramel, nature, counter, intuitively, decreased, concentrations, excess, analytical, method, employing, gas, chromatography, mass, spectrometry, using, deuterium, labelled, standards, developed, accurately, dreaded, Brettanomyces, activity, flavour, differentiator, tools, shaving, application, test, results, suitability, analyse, chips, conjunction, trichloroanisole, prevent, accidental, tainting, addition, new, ways, old, Western, development, October, 2016, inventor, Jon, Blakeview, released, Rejuvenation, wasted, flower, pots, economical, contaminated, within, underneath, exposed, extend, life, machine, high, torque, adapting, drive, original, connect, power, take, off, tractor, depth, removing, contamination, increases, $200, compares, $1500, replacement, Moss, Wood, Capel, Vale, wineries, trailling, Willow, Bridge, Estate, Kim, Horton, five, months, adoption, review, future, lessons, market, drink
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