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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 643, 2017
Title: Geofencing promising in biosecurity battle
Keywords: Vinehealth, Australia, pilot, project, virtual, fences, built, vineyards, track, boundary, crossings, demonstrated, power, geofencing, biosecurity, tool, rider, December, 2016, interest, flow, initiative, funded, Primary, Industries, Regions, South, monitor, movement, entering, properties, assess, value, proposition, technology, Australian, wine, industry, contributes, billion, gross, output, annually, received, agriculture, sectors, associations, United, States, future, undertaken, businesses, Barossa, McLaren, Vale, active, five, month, period, Canadian, company, Be, Seen, Safe, software, trial, adapted, minimum, viable, product, poultry, created, land, parcels, GPS, used, detect, carrying, smartphone, Location, Services, enabled, app, Brider, logged, in, out, push, notification, messages, notified, notifies, notify, owner, manager, visitor, welcomed, collated, electronic, book, providing, name, date, visit, timestamp, duration, benefits, associated, interconnected, nature, purposes, Inca, Pearce, sinificant, personnel, machinery, equipment, states, factor, difficult, contain, eradicate, outbreak, pest, disease, weed, enabling, increasd, grower, awareness, potential, risks, threats, vines, improved, direct, communications, property, facilitating, timely, action, containment, event, incursion, creation, record, log, people, trace, back, audits, sustainability, on-site, safety, contractor, management, total, number, boundary, crosses, pairs, same, problems, encountered, inaccurate, insensitive, delays, messaging, significant, phone, battery, draw, perceived, invasion, privacy, issues, evaluating, viable, product, confidence, concept, important, tool, Suzanne, McLoughlin, managed, feedback, positive, offer, business, regulators, appropriate, industry, government, support, process, scoping, register, Digital, Platform, enabler, opportunity, hosting, form, capability, build, partners, continue, explore, integration, landscape, changing, influencing, types, risks, face, options, manage, maintaining, preparedness, agility, utmost, importance, complement, farm, gate, hygiene, education, funding, range, vital, attributes, identified, participant, systems, Ben, Zander, Wroxton, Grange, Vineyards, Eden, Valley, implemented, entire, need, work, help, evaluate, identify, issues, shortcomings, present, rectified, good, collectively, think, enhance, expand, type, grower, involvement, further, expansion, report, reinforced, often, winery, representatives, come, without, prior, knowledge, valuable, information, planning, signs, irrigation, download, record, aware, current, technologies, determine, fit, protect, utilise, collective, power, body, drive
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