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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 643, 2017
Title: Vineyard snail control: Exploring the options and the timing
Keywords: snails, vineyard, pest, cause, damage, buds, foliage, spring, answers, questions, raised, AWRI, helpdesk, controlling, vines, season, bait, used, understand, lifecycle, apply, time, attracted, dormancy, period, summer, survive, hot, dry, conditions, rain, autumn, active, start, feeding, stage, growers, greatest, impact, registered, control, food, options, scarce, found, winter, harder, find, ignored, benefit, chance, mate, lay, eggs, observed, recognised, problem, least, effective, management, practice, land, managers, cultivation, weed, reduce, organic, matter, degrade, soil, structure, removed, decreased, viability, reduced, supply, shelter, cultural, improve, health, water, holding, capacity, biodiversity, maintaining, cover, crop, undervine, mulching, avoiding, tillage, conditions, increase, content, preserve, moisture, creates, environment, attractive, hide, offers, source, options, biological, chemical, heavy, ground, vegetation, refuges, keeping, fence, lines, free, weeds, clear, area, keeping, midrow, crops, short, grapevine, physically, dislodged, collected, removed, return, producer, reported, economically, viable, use, mechanical, harvester, shoots, fixed, birds, ducks, chickens, provide, feasibility, protected, foxes, housed, evening, fox, proof, pen, year, spray, applications, insecticides, toxic, grazing, livestock, restricted, agrochemicals, predatory, beetles, lizards, feed, sufficient, active, consistuents, iron, EDTA, complex, metaldehyde, methiocarb, commercially, available, products, assessed, SARDI, researchers, Grains, Development, Corporation, recommended, findings, study, rainfall, integrity, bran, cheaper, reapplied, frequently, consume, dose, rain, expected, high, temperatures, effectiveness, mould, influence, consumption, efficacy, copper, repellant, trunk, deter, entering, canopy, potential, burn, residues, containing, downy, mildew, sulfate, oxychloride, effect, protecting, plants, making, unappealing, information, slug, department, agriculture, food, WA, website
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