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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 643, 2017
Title: A sustainable vineyard model
Keywords: organic, growing, model, risking, vineyard, disease, Pest, Management, synthetic, fertilisers, solutions, farming, culture, practises, biodynamic, approach, conventional, agro, chemical, winemakers, adopt, reductive, natural, leverage, rules, ladybird, logo, label, France, Tom, Munro, Other, Bordeaux, viticultural, English, strategy, reduction, inputs, knowledge, ecosystems, pest, lifecycles, sprays, use, effective, wetting, agents, ingredients, weather, forecasts, instructions, Australian, process, controlling, combination, preventative, grapes, Daniel, Fischl, Eartrumpet, conversion, business, native, environment, monoculture, system, naturally, managed, consulting, biology, plant, research, Napa, Valley, Melbourne, wine, Linnea, inside, surrounds, environmental, factors, site, region, country, strength, grapevines, create, balanced, environment, manage, pressure, companion, planting, technique, study, learning, insect, beneficial, network, existence, Tarahill, Winery, Rutherglen, Andrea, Jonathan, Hamer, bird, flower, orchard, rows, combine, viticulture, sites, lower, pressure, protection, weaker, phylloxera, zone, mexico, challenge, problem, bacteria, Xylella, fastidiosa, yeasts, winemaking, flavour, mould, powdery, downy, strain, mildew, program, commercial, buffer, strips, pressure, ease, single, replacing, vines, resistant, stock, multiple, steps, rid, options, ladybugs, soldier, beetles, grass, spring, aphids, conventionally, reduce, footprint, synthetic, products, insure, failure, goal, resistance, suphur, bottle, brand, certification, losing, inside, using, cover, crops, outside, spray, treatment, care, maximise, effectiveness, decrease, financially, cost, benefits, components, valuable, biological, functions, hosts, food, cycling, phosphorous, building, nitrogen, matter, soil, maintenance, establish, less, input, new, self, seed, issue, harvest, period, vintage, advertising, eco-friendly, growing, marketing, tourism, leverage
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