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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 642, 2017
Title: Putting wine in a can
Keywords: wine, packaged, aluminium, cans, economical, environmentally, friendly, idea, winemakers, prosecco, Sparkke, Change, white, Melbourne, canning, line, package, can, carbonated, sealed, brand, product, bubbles, equality, beverage, label, social, breweries, wineries, concept, problem, cleaning, beer, equipment, use, expensive, bottles, customer, mentality, risk, Australian, company, worldwide, monopoly, patent,. Licensing, fee, cost, labelling, barrel, consumers, sparkling, popular, choice, practicality, familiarity, type, seal, shock, sulphur, permeability, Sarah, Lyons, winemaker, blend, Chardonnay, Arneis, Pinot, Gris, Riesling, acid, lemon, meringue, characteristic, finish, dry, base, market, champagne, smart, shipment, taste, fruits, vintage, oenology, degree, University, industry, experience, cellars, learning, winery, brewery, facilities, McLaren, Vintners, June, conversations, justice, laws, marriage, Australia, profits, retail, sales, wholesale, campaign, Brad, Rey, Zonte's, Footsteps, logistic, packaging, four, packs, oxygen, content, vessel, head, space, key, levels, dose, additions, additives, consideration, blend, Glera, Grigio, recipe, quality, category, range, success, music, sporting, events, venues, sell, glass, problem, freshness, shelf, life, batch, ideal, notions, tradition, preconceived, cost, higher, supplier, choice, packaging, lighter, exporting, cheaper, efficient, stacking, volume, box, recyclable, energy, colour, change, picnics, camping
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