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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 642, 2017
Title: Mid-row crop options for vineyard
Keywords: Darren, Fahey, Department, Primary, Industries, DPI, NSW, mid, row, cover, crops, winter, brassicas, legumes, pulses, suspects, vegetable, broadacre, cropping, vineyard, production, system, trial, investigate, effectiveness, irrigation, capture, free, nitrogen, generate, biomass, food, source, healthy, biologically, active, soil, ACT, Hunter, Valley, Orange, tendency, cultivate, alternate, areas, vintage, undistributed, tractor, access, practice, eliminating, competition, weeds, breaking, up, heavier, water, infiltrate, wetter, years, drawbacks, loss, carbon, atmosphere, disturbance, flora, fauna, result, collapsed, structure, sodicity, swards, grass, species, weed, grown, uptake, excess, retention, methods, dry, sown, May, 2016, starter, fertiliser, Croplift, seed, drilled, average, air, temperature, planting, outcomes, timing, sowing, establishment, varieties, Lupins, Fescue, cuts, cutting, plant, surface, data, collected, fresh, weight, matter, yield, nitrogen, fixation, under, vine, area, height, faba, beans, field, peas, cordon, wire, demonstration, aim, active, wine, growing, months, goal, April, depth, fixed, strategies, philosophies, biology, inoculated, legume, seeds, Rhizobia, free, atmospheric, roots, bees, flowers, crimson, clover, harvest, funded, Australia, regional, program, Ken, Bray, Braemore, James, Sweetapple, Cargo, Road, Wines, Justin, Jarrett, See, Saw, Mark, Richardson, Greens, Mandurama, factsheet, information
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