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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 642, 2017
Title: Rethink your third drink
Keywords: alcohol, consumption, awareness, Barossa, Flinders, University, Valley, general, practice, patient, use, understanding, sage, drinking, guidelines, increased, access, wine, industry, employment, related, greater, poorer, limited, personnel, high, ris, harm, Australian, culture, age, 12, years, consume, National, Health, Medical, Research, Council, NHMRC, release, reduce, men, women, two, standard, drinks, lifetime, disease, injury, economic, social, impact, Australia, promote, levels, problems, blood, pressure, cardiovascular, liver, traffic, accidents, crime, 2014, study, Institute, Welfare, adult, allowance, mates, rates, family, friends, relationship, community, availability, habits, region, producing, patterns, online, free, discounted, connection, questionnaire, World, Organisation, population, male, female, 18, data, often, much, employees, healthcare, worker, concerned, recommendations, acceptance, frequent, international reputation, wellbeing, need, education, findings, educate, importance
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