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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 641, 2017
Title: 45 years strong Milestones for members of the Waite CSIRO team
Keywords: Rosemary, Warren, Peter, Clingeleffer, 45, year, milestones, CSIRO, Agriculture, Food, department, Waite, Adelaide, soils, lab, field, opportunities, develop, career, learning, research, project, microbiology, plant, pathology, Chinese, Academy, Agricultural, Science, China, Zhejiang, University, root, disease, Shandong, Hebei, opportunity, international, scientific, exchange, highlight, Australian, American, grain, cropping, systems, Ecology, Biological, Function, Team, sustainable, management, focus, development, nutrient, Horticulture, Tasmania, viticultural, cost, efficient, wine, dried, grape, production, pruning, hedging, control, yield, quality, fruit, trellis, drying, breeding, vine, improvement, release, new, varieties, Cienna, Tyrian, Rubienne, Mystique, Sunmuscat, Sunglo, Black, Gem, table, Millenium, Muscat, Magic, Seedless, Mystic, storage, Riverlink, Viticulture, Program, regional, Sunraysia, National, Committee, Institute, TAFE, RuRal, Advisory, Graham, Gregory, award, Horticulture, Innovation, Australia
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