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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 640, 2017
Title: Berry stress and wine quality
Keywords: compound, wine, quality, stress, grape, berry, carotenoids, response, hazardous, organisms, human, animal, insect, fight, flight, plant, sessile, tolerance, develop, condition, intensities, development, stage, environment, research, study, untreated, control, stimulus, hormones, abscisic, acid, drought, salicylic, jasmonic, pathogen, herbivore, attack, specialised, system, molecules, biosynthesis, photosynthesis, chemical, structure, light, spectrum, sunlight, chlorophyll, protect, tissue, danger, excess, apocarotenoid, biological, function, impact, odorants, varietal, floral, fruit, metabolic, Institute, Biotechnology, Department, Viticulture, Oenology, Stellenbosch, University, grapevine, measuring, type, amount, berries, genetics, degradation, regulation, genes, enzymes, oxygen, leaves, chilling, heat, senescence, salinity, temperature, pH, oxidising, agent, extraction, liquid, chromatographic, method, analysis, pigment, researcher, change, treatment, fruit, enzymatic, Cultivar, differences, aroma, flavour, cleavage, seed, germination, ripen, viticultural, Sauvignon, Blanc, Elgin, Shiraz, Robertson, evaluate, impact, early, bunch, winemaking, breakdown, link, typicity, terroir, expression, Winetech, South, Africa, Wineland
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