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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 639, 2017
Title: Developments in vineyard mechanisation and precision management
Keywords: Vineyard, Trellis, Growers, Equipment, Research, Operations, Rising, Labour, Cost, Shortage, Farm, Workers, Advances, Data, Collection, Technology, Mechanization, Precision Viticulture, Management, Manager, Wine, Producer, University, California, Developments, Mechanisation, Kaan Kurtural, Trial, Cost, Practices, Grape, Quality, Yield, Program, Wage, US, Department, Agriculture, Crop, Initiative, National, Initiative, Tools, Methods, Collecting, Evaluating, Data, Spatial, Variability, Project, Funding, Field, Pruning, Suckering, Thinning, Leaf, Removal, Berry, Cluster, Harvest, Canopy, Season, Growing, Vine, Climate, Health, Light, Fruit, Ripe, Flavour, Composition, Maturity, Profit, Box, Napa Valley, Economic, Production, Efficiency, Environmental, Impact, Soil, Chemical, Stephen Nuske, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Sensor, Imaging, Detection, Analysis, Colour, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, GPS, Monitor, V-MECH, Midwest Grower Supply, Oxbo International Corporation, Lodi, Sonoma, County, Trailer, Chris Peterson, Joanne Reynolds, Mesa, Clemens, Fungal, Mildew, Andrew McElrone, Water, Irrigation, Technologies, Apogee, Christopher Parry, Temperature
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