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Grapegrower and Winemaker Issue 591, 2013
Title: R&D at Work
Keywords: People in research, GWRDC, Paul Smith, Flinders University, CSIRO, Phenolic, Tannin, Aroma, Texture, MCP, Tannin Portal, Haze stability, Polysaccharides, Research aims for eutypa dieback fungicide registration, SARDI, Dr Mark Sosnowski, Matthew Ayres, University of Adelaide, Fungicide, Eutypa lata, Pruning, Cordon, Inoculum, Australia, New Zealand, Barossa growers build on biodiversity, BWGA, Barossa, Eden Valley, Biodiversity, GWRDC, Eden Hall Wines, Falkenberg Vineyard, Daniel Falkenberg, Nicki Robins, Russell Johnstone, Winecycle, Riparian zones, Native grasses, Soil biota, Know your vines for best post-harvest care, NWGIC, Jason Smith, Nutrition, Irrigation, Pest & disease, Nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, Dormancy, Mahmut Kare, Bruno Holzapfel, NSW DPI, Enzyme battles white wine proteins, Matteo, Marangon, Proteins, Haze, Bentonite, Pasteurised, Proctase, Stabilisation, Dousing smoke taint risk to finished wine, Fires, Tasmania, Victoria, Smoke taint, AWRI, Mark Krstic, Leaf pluck
Page Number(s): p45-48

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