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How best to deal with vineyard cordon decline

Reworking for improved cordon viability Many grapegrowers share the experience of having to deal with trunk damage and loss of production caused by vines choking on their own wire. Whether this is a result of disease or tight wrapping left over from vineyard establishment, viticulturist Sam Bowman outlines how best to approach this common problem. […]

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Sourcing power through solar

How to achieve energy efficiency and reduce costs with solar panels Solar power is a growing source of energy supply for a number of Australian and New Zealand wineries. With a bit of homework, operators can switch over to solar as a viable option to reduce soaring costs. Chloe Szentpeteri spoke to two of Yalumba’s […]

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How to reduce power costs for wineries

A comprehensive guide to alternative energy options for winemakers Power bills are rarely a pleasant experience for most business operators, and understanding what they mean can also be a challenge. From one vintage to the next, prices can soar ever higher with little explanation. That’s why Chloe Szentpeteri spoke to experts in energy, engineering and […]

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How to optimise irrigation methods

Using thermographic towers to measure vine stress   Monitoring vine water stress and irrigation application can be a laborious manual task and is often hard to measure accurately. But not for long. After extensive trials on irrigation measurement in Coonawarra, a researcher has produced a prototype that could be the future for grapegrowers. Chloe Szentpeteri […]

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Is a redesign needed for your wine brand?

The importance of constant brand evolution By Nina Chalmers Regardless of the size of your company, or the nature of your products and distribution, constant innovation is required to ensure that you retain your connection with your target market. Nina Chalmers, Creative Director at CoLLECT Design provides first-hand insight into embracing change for enhanced perception of […]

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Tips for managing post-harvest vines

What works best for vineyards after the grapes are picked?   By Sam Bowman A year ago, in the March 2017 issue of Grapegrower & Winemaker, viticulturist Sam Bowman revealed the importance of post-harvest vineyard management and the reasons why it should be a consideration as much as nutrition, irrigation and fungicide programs during the growing season. Now, […]

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Mixing it up

Co-fermentation and field blending justifies winemakers’ efforts Although co-fermentation and field blending are well-established techniques, innovation in the area is producing some outstanding results by adjusting procedures and mixing up the selected varietals. Paul Le Lacheur explains what he’s learnt after speaking to fellow winemakers about some of their successful blending outcomes. This article was […]

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Aus wine exports setting new records

Australian wine exports continue to set records, with a new high for the average value of bottled wine exports of $5.74 per litre and exports to China (including Hong Kong and Macau) increasing by 51% for the year to March 2018 to reach $1.04 billion – a first for exports to a single country – according […]

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A new age of cellar door design

Sculpting a vision through art and engagement In the span of a few months, Pt. Leo Estate has quickly become a new icon for wineries in Victoria. Located on the Mornington Peninsula, the new cellar door combines natural and man-made art to engage with consumers and set a spectacular scene. In this Q&A, Chloe Szentpeteri […]

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A viticulturist with true vigour

Emma Taylor is never one to shy from a challenge. Ambitious, dedicated and hungry for knowledge, she has grown her strengths across many areas of viticulture, and now spends her days as the nursery viticulturist at Hawke’s Bay winery, Villa Maria. Chloe Szentpeteri spoke to the experienced New Zealander, to learn more of her story. […]

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Save time and your vines with a new invention: the Wine Baa

While watching a tractor pass up and down the interrows of a McLaren Vale vineyard, David Robertshaw had an idea. 10 prototypes later and Robertshaw is just about to release his new product – the Wine Baa. The Wine Baa is a lightweight plastic snout guard that stops sheep from being able to reach up […]

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Upping the ante against stink bug bandits

Australia is upping the ante against one of our most significant pests, the stink bug, after a spike in detections on cargo from the USA and Italy. Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, David Littleproud, said the Coalition Government had increased inspections and treatment at the border to protect Australian horticulture growers from the pesky […]

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Chris Hemsworth gets a taste of winemaking in the Barossa

The 2018 vintage at Jacob’s Creek got the VIP treatment, as acclaimed actor Chris Hemsworth joined the team to get an insider’s view on creating one of the world’s most unique wines, Double Barrel. During his first visit to the Barossa, South Australia, Hemsworth spent a few days getting to know the Jacob’s Creek winemaking […]

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Target high-risk drinkers, not all drinkers: WFA

The Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) has welcomed the efforts of governments to combat harmful alcohol consumption, but said it has serious concerns that the current draft National Alcohol Strategy (NAS) targets all consumers rather than those most at risk. WFA chief executive, Tony Battaglene, said the draft NAS being considered by federal, state and […]

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Seppeltsfield drives efficiency in fungicide programs

Established in the 1850s, Seppeltsfield has an iconic cellar door in South Australia’s Barossa region, with vineyards based in the Barossa, Clare and McLaren Vale totalling 2265 hectares. Seppeltsfield Vineyard Manager, Kingsley Fuller, is responsible for the company’s 1300ha Barossa vineyards, which is 70% Shiraz, with the remaining vines made up of varieties such as […]

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So you’re planning a trip to China

By Camellia Aebischer With all the hype of the China’s growing wine market, it may seem appealing to tee up a few business meetings and jump on a plane. Before you head off, there are a few things to be mindful of. The following advice was provided by Jing Cao of Chinese language and Cultural […]

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