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Webinar – Heat proofing vineyards

Location: Online


Event Date: 21 November 2019 (11.30am)

Please check the organiser website for any changes due to COVID-19.

Contact Details

Association: The Australian Wine Research Institute
Email: [email protected]


Extreme heat and light stresses seem to similarly affect grape berries: both generate necrotic tissue and lead to berry desiccation with subsequent loss in yield and quality. However, if the stress is milder, berry physiology and composition can be affected in different ways and metabolism is regulated differently by light and temperature. With extreme weather events increasing in frequency and severity, Joanna and Julia are using two different approaches to provide growers with better knowledge on how and when to manage heatwaves. Results on the best timing to implement leaf removal on Chardonnay to prevent sunburn, when and at which maximum temperature Shiraz berries are irreversibly damaged and general heat management strategies will be discussed.

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