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AgSkilled Short Course Program

Type: Course - University/TAFE
Date: 1/11/2021
Location: Kurri Kurri, NSW
Duration: 2 years part time - 8 Terms
Contact: Craig Conway - Team Leader
Institution: TAFE NSW - Kurri Kurri Campus
Address: McLeod Road, Kurri Kurri NSW 2327
Telephone: 0418 303 999
Fax: (02) 4936 0360
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.tafensw.edu.au/


The AgSkilled vocational training program is a $15 million NSW Government funded, industry-led workforce development strategy. Through AgSkilled you’ll receive training that is fully subsidised by the NSW Government, pending a successful eligibility check.

There are three wine industry courses that may be of interest:

  • Vine Canopy Maintenance – covering the knowledge and skills required to safely carry out basic wine grape canopy maintenance,
    and the equipment required to complete the tasks associated with the maintenance of grapevine canopies.
  • Vine Management – Pests and Diseases – covering the skills and knowledge required to recognise, identify and monitor a variety of vine
    disorders and damage, and recommend and implement preventative or corrective action(s).
  • Perform Basic Laboratory Tests for Winery – covering the skills and knowledge to prepare samples and perform basic tests and measurements
    using standard wine industry methods and techniques.

If interested, complete the Expression of Interest form AgSkilled-Expression-of-Interest-form.pdf (tafensw.edu.au) and return the completed form to [email protected].

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