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2015 vintage report for Swan District (Western Australia)

The Swan Valley had an exceptionally good vintage 2015, according to Duncan Harris of the Swan Valley and Regional Winemakers Association.
Warm spring weather conditions had vignerons worried the 2015 vintage may start in 2014, however a cool December brought the region above average, even-ripening yields.
Harris said some growers reported an increased yield on 2014, while others achieved targets with bunch thinning.
With the harvest commencing in the second week of January and running through to the first week of April, Harris predicted the tonnage to grow to 5000 tonne.
“We are pleased that the Swan Valley wine connoisseur is going to enjoy the benevolent conditions this vintage with grapes of intense flavour,” Harris said.
Dry days in December and January and 30mm of rain in February meant fruit has been of a high standard with normal pH. By March, both red and white varieties were off the vine.
“There was no rainfall in December and January which has meant disease has been non-existent,” Harris said. “Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and our regions Verdelho are of good quality”.
Harris said good soil moisture levels from the February rain meant the reds will be of exceptional quality.
“The forecast of a warm autumn with cool nights promises the premium in that style,” Harris said.
Some dry whites were already in the bottle, while Shiraz, Cabernet, and Malbec were showing deep colour and flavour intensity with fine ripe tannins.
“We’ve have fantastic past vintages so we’re all feeling fairly fortunate in Western Australia’s Swan Valley,” Harris said.