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2001 vintage report for Wrattonbully (South Australia)

Greg Koch, secretary of the Wrattonbully Wine Industries Association, said perfect sunny and calm flowering conditions produced a quick even flowering in the Wrattonbully region. Combined with a lower than average season previously, this meant an increase in yield of 25% over the 2000 figures. Harvest was delayed by persistent rain during March but a cool and dry April allowed further ripening to the desired Baume levels. Only late crops suffered small amounts of botrytis with no incidence of powdery or downy mildew reported throughout the growing season. Diligent water management was needed throughout January and February to ensure vine health and even ripening through vintage. This ensured excellent sugar levels in all varieties. The reds are showing colour and flavour this year, said Greg, ‘The lower yielding vineyards are simply outstanding.’ He said the whites were showing excellent varietal definition and flavour considering the higher than normal cropping levels. Problems with storage and processing capacity were experienced by some contracted growers. Fortunately other regions had finished vintage which allowed grapes to be processed at their wineries to ease processing problems.