Riverland Wine urges government to support producers due to “severe shock”

The Riverland wine-producing region plays a large role in the Australian wine industry in terms of scale, economic contribution, diversity, export value, technology and structural change, and innovation.

However, amid a turbulent year, the Riverland red wine market is suffering a severe shock.

Producers in the region are struggling with challenges like the impact of China tariffs, current global shipping and supply chain challenges and decimation of international bulk wine prices.

Ahead of the upcoming SA state election, Riverland Wine, the body representing producers in the region, says it’s seeking two key priorities for governments, both State and Federal, to consider

These are additional export support that focusses on producers in the commercial market, as well as greater support for grape growers to adapt production to changing international market trends and tastes in wine, wine products and tourism including new wine styles, transitioning grape varieties, increasing organics, and improving tourism and direct to consumer opportunities

Other priorities include biosecurity and water policy considerations.

In a statement released by Riverland Wine, the organisation the local industry must reshape, repair, and restructure their product mix to meet international demand in new markets.

“Transitioning to product diversity, upskilling for market growth, improved environmental accountability, and adopting new and environmental approaches to viticulture are crucial to the region’s future economic prosperity and community wellbeing,” they said.

“The support of the Government is integral to the success of these initiatives.”


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