Boundary extension to the Maroondah PIZ

Reporting by Harrison Davies

Agriculture Victoria has confirmed detections of phylloxera in the Yarra Valley this week, resulting in a 5km radial quarantine zone within the region.

In response to the detection of the insect pest, the current position of the Maroondah Phylloxera Infested Zone (PIZ) the boundaries of the area have been moved to match the 5km radius of the quarantine.

Genotyping of the detected phylloxera has confirmed the strain as G1; the same strain already known to exist in the Maroondah PIZ.

The location of the infected property within the existing PIZ means that the Maroondah PIZ boundaries have been increased in accordance with phylloxera management best practise.

“Grape phylloxera is among the greatest threats to the South Australian wine and table grape industry,” said PIRSA deputy chief inspector Paul Dowsett.

“Unfortunately, no eradicative treatments are available for grape phylloxera, with the only option being the replacement of grapevines grafted onto grape phylloxera-resistant rootstocks at around $60,000 per hectare.

“Agriculture Victoria is currently in the process of gazetting the extension to the existing PIZ. In the meantime, to protect South Australia’s wine and table grape industry, PIRSA has declared the new area a Phylloxera Interim Buffer Zone (“PIBZ”) effective immediately.”

In response to new phylloxera detections affecting the boundary of the PIZ:

  • Issued an Infested Lands Notice to the property owners affected by phylloxera to restrict the movement of host materials from their vineyards.
  • Advised the Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association (YVWGA), Wine Victoria and Nursery and Garden Industry of Victoria (NGIV) and confirmed their support to facilitate discussions with affected producers.
  • Advised interstate biosecurity agencies of the detections and planned actions regarding the establishment of an expanded PIZ in accordance with the National Phylloxera Management Protocol.


Vinehealth Australia hosts an interactive map that shows the new Maroondah PIBZ.


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