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March-February 2016 (Volume 31, Number 2)

A novel electrochemical approach for rapid analysis of white grape polyphenols and monitoring of pre-fermentative operations

American snakes and ladders - Part 1: China may be all the rage but reward for efforts also awaits in the US

Australia Day Tastings indicate a bright future for Australian wine in the UK and Ireland

Berry shrivel significantly alters Shiraz grape and wine composition

Describing your soil

Excitement ahead of the Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference

Grapevine scale - sucking the profits from vineyards

Harmonisation on the table at European Union talks

Impact of grape cluster zone defoliation, grape must clarification and yeast strain on TDN potential in cool climate wines

In vino veritas - investigating technologies to fight wine fraud

Jim Barry Wines to release Australia's first commercial Assyrtiko this year

Making cool Shiraz

Product innovation and authenticity: The case of wine

The 9(+1) talking points about the Australian wine retail sector

The Trans Pacific Partnership

Vineyard nitrogen management and must and wine composition

Vineyard terroir - is there a link with soil microbiology?

What piece of winery equipment can't you live without - could it be a lees crossflow filter?

World wine trade in bulk grows, although with great differences


Canberra Riesling Challenge


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Fischer Australis



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