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Current Issue – February 2019 (No. 661)

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The February 2019 issue of the Grapegrower & Winemaker has a special focus on Climate Change.

Our coverage kicks off with journalist Eleanor Danenberg’s chat with four growers from both warm and cool climates to find out how our changing climate is impacting their vineyards and what they are doing to adapt to these changes.

Hans Mick reviews the findings of an elaborate Australian study which measured the combined effects of rising temperatures and carbon dioxide on vine growth, fruit production and wine quality.

The El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) strongly influences the climate in Australia, as does the Indian Ocean Dipole – the difference in sea-surface temperatures between the western and eastern parts of the Indian Ocean. Researchers from the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, Agriculture Victoria and the University of Melbourne reveal the conclusions of their investigations into whether these two climate drivers are affecting the timing of winegrape maturity.

We also look into a study by the National Wine & Grape Centre to establish the optimal time to defoliate vines to minimise sunburn.

Mark Smith looks at a state-of-the-art microclimate and prediction system being used at Pooley Wines in Tasmania to help it make better informed and more sustainable vineyard management decisions.

And we learn about a nearly completed study into the impact of heatwaves on the composition of Shiraz.

Features in this issue include

  • How is climate change affecting Australian vineyards and how are growers responding?
  • Weighing up the gains and losses from fining and filtration
  • It’s good practise to be green

Letter to the Editor

  • What to do about Prosecco?


  • From the editor
  • Brown marmorated stink bugs detected in Victoria
  • Snap Send Solve helps protect local Mornington wine industry
  • Latest figures show continuing strong international demand for fine Australian wine
  • Positive news for Australian winemakers amid Brexit turmoil
  • 17th AWITC – what’s on the menu?
  • Fruit fly outbreak in Loxton: will it impact the transportation of grapes in vintage?
  • Tasmania secures $500,000 boost for international wine tourism
  • Riverland wine centre project builds momentum
  • Record for McLaren Vale as annual bottled wine exports top $100m
  • Sirromet celebrates 20th vintage
  • International briefs


  • Vines and grapes put to the test with elevated temperature and CO2 exposure
  • Climate drivers El Nino-Southern Oscillation and Indian Ocean Dipole and what they mean for winegrape maturity
  • What is the best time to remove leaves to minimise sunburn?
  • Yield AI taking guesswork out of growing
  • How does Shiraz feel the heat?
  • What the hell is blockchain?
  • Ways to monitor arthropod activity on native insectary plants


  • What’s online
  • In this issue
  • Winetitles Insights
  • Wine Australia: R&D at work
  • Ask the AWRI
  • Young Gun: Rob Cragg
  • Looking back
  • Calendar
  • Marketplace classifieds


  • Vegan Rosé – lessons from Provence
  • Behind the top drops: Bleasdale Generations Shiraz

Business & Technology

  • Frost fans in demand after Derby Day disaster
  • TWE expands warehouse and distribution operations in SA

Sales & Marketing

  • The wine tasting ‘experience’

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