You may be noticing some changes soon to the wine equipment industry

Wine equipment supply veterans Australian & New Zealand Winemakers (based in Australia) and Vitis (based in NZ) have now merged into a single entity named Vitis & Winemakers, creating one of the largest winery equipment suppliers across the region.

This exciting growth period means Vitis & Winemakers now boast one of the broadest inventories across the region, including equipment and technology for grape reception, fermentation, maturation and storage, oak products, filtration, pumps, distillation, cider, bottling, packaging and accessories and fittings.

Additionally, their team of sales consultants, technicians, specialists and admin staff is now bolstered across the key winemaking regions in Australia and New Zealand. Might be a new name, but Vitis & Winemakers represents over 76 years of combined wine industry experience across the region.

Here’s a bit of an overview:

Their dedicated team over 20 staff including administration, sales, tech and engineering teams, are based in all key wine regions across Australia and New Zealand.


Vitis & Winemakers are the exclusive Australian and New Zealand agent for a number of Europe’s foremost manufacturers. Specialist consultation is available for all equipment, complete winery design and total packaging solutions.

Engineering & Technical Expertise

Vitis & Winemakers offers industry leading back-up and support, with personnel based across Australia and New Zealand. The team consists of highly skilled and experienced engineers, technicians, winemakers, distillers, advisors and product specialists. Additionally, we stock a wide range of spare parts locally.

Sales Team

Their dedicated sales personnel are based in all key regions including Western Australia, South Australia, the east coast of Australia and New Zealand.


Head Office

  • 96 Chifley Drive, Preston, VIC, Australia. 3072
  • Phone: +61 3 9487 1160

NZ Office & Shop

  • 73 Grove Road, Blenheim, New Zealand. 7201
  • Phone: +64 3 577 8778


Email: [email protected]